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Discover the virtual locks! makes it possible to create virtual locks (digital, with directions, with a diagram, etc.) unlocking access to a content (text, image, sound, link or external video).

By creating an account, you will have a free space allowing you to manage up to 60 locks.


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Using Lockee in a classroom

Unlock your creativity

With the many types of locks available for creation (based on the physical locks usually found in escape game rooms), you can let your imagination run wild to create original puzzles. All this without worrying about the technique.

Easily create and share

It will take you less than a minute to create your padlock and link it to a content (text, image, sound, video or even a web page). Then, you will have many options to share this padlock: a short link, a custom link, a QR-code but also an iFrame embed code.

Stay in control of your data

Even if it is necessary to open an account to create padlocks (to avoid abuse), the use is totally free, without advertising and without resale of data. Moreover, the site is hosted on French servers and you can even export/import your padlocks to keep a personal copy.

How to create a padlock in less than a minute?

No commercial use

Even if it was developed primarily to facilitate the realization of escape-game in the classroom, can be used by all for non-commercial projects. For commercial uses, you can use the standalone Wordpress plugin.

Need help

Do not hesitate to consult the F.A.Q.